• The company


    SalsaDanceClothes.com was born in January 2013 from devoted and passionate salsa team.

                                                                      PRODUCT uniqueness

    Our main product is salsa dance unique model clothes, produced by the talented designer and tailor – Miro. His origin is Bulgarian, famous on the European market with his uniqueness and extravagance in the way of creating innovating and stylish dancing apparel for everybody who desires to SHINE on the dance floor. Our dance clothes are designed for salsa/latino dance  fans, dance lovers, beginners, professional dancers, teachers, dance competitors for formal or informal occasions all over the world.

    All the models from our collections are produced with bi-strecth Italian lycra, stretching up to 70 %.  The same lycra is used for swimming wear, costumes for artistic gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming and other type of dances and sports.

    The models are made in Europe with European materials – mainly Italian lycra.

    Our site offers 2 dance collections per year – spring/summer and autumn/winter, in which colors and lines аre set according to the season.

                                                    SALSA SHINE – the shining salsa dance brand

    The brand SALSA SHINE, the only one that SalsaDanceClothes.com promotes, sells and distributes is an exclusive, premium quality brand, offering the salseros and the latino lovers personality and glamorous look.

                                                    MISSION of SalsaDanceClothes.com
    • To inspire and provoke the passion of the dance by dressing uniquely the dance lovers
    • To provide quality dance clothes at affordable prices 
    • To be the leading producer and provider of salsa dance clothes on the European market

    Our company is committed to deliver friendly personalized service, quality products together with dynamic designs for our clients.  

                                                 Friendly and Flexible Customer Service

    The SalsaDanceClothes.com team remains flexible concerning the models, sizes and designs of the dance wear.

    Upon request SalsaDanceClothes.com team can produce multiple pieces from a model you like. The basis model can be modified. All materials are provided by us.

    If you desire different and personalized models of your dance wear – including man dance wear for complete couple look, or if you have a dance school or you are professional dance competitor, SalsaDanceClothes.com team is ready to reply to your demand in tight delays and at competitive prices.

                             Have a good shining on the dance floor !!