Amazonia 7


Unique model
Made in EU
Hand wash only
Material – 70 % bi-stretch lycra.
Color – black, orange,pink,blue, yellow
Sizes –  M, L
Length skirt– short
Style skirt – side open with fringes
Sleeves – included
Style back – semi-open, transparent

Product Description

Amazonia 7 dance  costume is strech lycra costume. Transparent pink back. Sleeves are included in the costume’s price.

It is suitable for latin dances – salsa, bachata, african and latino americain as well – kizomba, semba, samba etc.


Amazonia 7 customizes your dance dress, latin dress, tango dress, salsa dance dress, ballroom dress, in order to have the best fit for your latin dance party and perfect match with your latin shoes, salsa dance shoes or ballroom shoes.
Our latin dance costumes, salsa costumes, dance dresses, salsa dresses, ballroom dresses and latin dresses are unique in their style – latin dance style clothing, salsa dance style clothing, bachata dance style costumes, tango dance costumes, merengue dresses, samba dance costumes, kizomba dance costumes, with the only objective to be suitable for many diferent occasions – bars and nightclubs, social parties, dance classes, latin fiestas, latin soirées, even for competition events, latin congresses and festivals.
Upon request team produces multiple pieces of AMAZONIA 7 salsa dance clothes. The basis model can be modified. All materials are provided by us.


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