• Dress care tips

    Practice wear

    • For the first usage of your practice wear, we suggest you to hand wash it in mild water and separate it from the rest laundry.
    • If you prefer to keep the life of the dress longer, we would suggest you to hand wash them each time.
    • You can iron it at low temperature (as delicate fabric) from inside.

    Stoned dance wear

    • We suggest not to wash your dance dresses too often. After a sweating dance party or competition, please hang it in the cool airy place to let the smell reduce before putting into your dress bag.
    • When you take a hot shower at home, you can hang the dress in the bathroom to let the hot steam to remove some bad odors of your dress.
    • Only if it is in extremely smelly situation, we would suggest you to wash the dress underarms area and the bodysuit. Please pull out the inner body to hand wash them with mild soap and water.
    • Remember, please DO NOT RUB the dress when washing, some glued stones might get temporary transparent while washing, but it will get into the same form after it gets dry.For the dirty part of make-up tanned marks on the dress, you can use a toothbrush, add some soap, and gently brush off the dirty spots on the dress, and clean it in mild water.
    • After cleaning the dress, please dry it in flat to avoid destroying the form of the dress due to the weight of humidity.

    Beware: DO NOT dry clean your dance wear!
    It might cause the damage for the stones to fall off from your dress.

    • In case there is experienced cleaning shop for artistic, dance clothes in your area, you can also consult with them for professional cares of your dance wear.